Requirements - Storm Streaming Server

Storm Streaming Server can run on any modern computer/server equipped with Java VM, including ARM & X86_64 architectures. You can choose from a large variety of operating systems too. Below you’ll find technical requirements for the server.

Minimal hardware requirements (250 connections / 720p)

CPUSingle AMD/Intel 4-core 2.4 GHz
Memory8 GB
Network Interface1 Gbps NIC
Hard drive space40 GB (the server itself weights less than 50 mb)
Table 1. Minimal requirements table

Recommended software

Java VMOracle Java SE 16
OpenJDK 15
Operating systemWindows 10+
Windows Server 2019+
Linux Debian 10+
Linux Red Hat 8+
Linux OpenSUSE 15+
Mac OS X 11+
SSL passthroughNginx 1.18+
Table 3. Recommended software table