Library Events - Storm iOS Library

Library events are related to the player behaviors (not the video/stream itself).

Event nameParametersDescription
onIncompatiblePlayerProtocol()-Invoked when the existing version of the Storm Library is not compatible with the Storm server. It is then recommended to upgrade both to the latest version.
onStormMediaItemAdded(stormMediaItem: StormMediaItem)stormMediaItem – new StormMediaItem itemInvoked when new StormMediaItem was added to the playback list.
onStormMediaItemRemoved(stormMediaItem: StormMediaItem)stormMediaItem – removed StormMediaItem itemInvoked when StormMediaItem item was removed from the playback list.
onStormMediaItemSelect(stormMediaItem: StormMediaItem)stormMediaItem – selected StormMediaItem itemInvoked when StormMediaItem was selected for playback.
onStormMediaItemPlay(stormMediaItem: StormMediaItem)stormMediaItem – StormMediaItem item initiated for playbackInvoked when the selected StormMediaItem is started for playback.
onGatewayConnecting()-Invoked on the Gateway server request start.
onGatewayConnectionError(error: Error)error – Exception related to connection errorInvoked on the Gateway server request error.
onGatewayGroupNameNotFound()-Invoked whenever a stream group is not found on the Gateway server.
onGatewayStormMediaItems(stormMediaItems: [StormMediaItem])stormMediaItems – List of stormMediaItems acquired from the Gateway server.Invoked whenever the Gateway server successfully retrieves a stream group.
Table 1. Library events table
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