Events - Storm JavaScript Player

Player events are related to its behaviors (not the video/stream itself).

Event nameAdditional dataDescriptionCan be fired more than once?
interfaceReadynoEvent fires when the player interface is ready. This action takes place before libraryCreated
libraryCreatednoEvent fires when the player library is created. This action takes place after interfaceReady eventno
libraryInitializednoEvent fires when the Storm JavaScript Library is
playClicknoEvent fires when user clicks any play button.yes
pauseClicknoEvent fires when user clicks the pause button.yes
videoClicknoEvent fires when user clicks the video screen.yes
muteClickednoEvent fires when user mutes the volume.yes
unmuteClicknoEvent fires when volume is unmuted.yes
qualityBtnClicknoEvent fires when user chooses different stream quality.yes
qualityChangenoEvent fires when a stream quality is changed.yes
volumeChangenoEvent fires when stream volume is
fullscreenEnternoEvent fires when user enters fullscreen mode.yes
fullscreenExitnoEvent fires when user exits fullscreen mode.yes
errorMessagenoEvent fires whenever an error message appears.yes
guiShownoEvent fires whenever player interface becomes visible (e.g. user mouse activity).yes
guiHidenoEvent fires whenever player interface becomes invisible (user mouse inactivity).yes
titleAddnoEvent fires whenever a stream title is added.yes
subtitleAddnoEvent fires whenever a stream subtitle is added.yes
seekStartnoEvent fires whenever a user grabs progress bar thumb (mouse button down).yes
seekEndnoEvent fires whenever a user releases progress bar thumb (mouse button up).yes
seekTonoEvent fires everytime a user clicks on a progress bar or releases progress bar thumb in a new place.yes
cuePointAddnoEvent fires everytime new CUE Point is added.yes
cuePointRemovenoEvent fires whenever an existing CUE Point is removed.yes
Table 1. Player events table
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