Storm Streaming Server

Downloadable media server software to power live video streaming,
with fully customizable video player

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How it works?

Let's say you want to create a web service or application offering hundreds of simultaneous live video streams along with maximum compatibility with all possible desktop and mobile devices. You're in the right place! What's more, our live streaming software offers you industry-leading ultra low latency, which completely changes your viewers way of interacting with your content.

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For who?

Our Live Streaming Software is elastic and scalable – we are a perfect fit for:

white streaming cloud with servers
Streaming services with their own server infrastructure
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TV Stations
white internet television with player
Internet TV
white live consultations icon
Live consultation services
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Live events operators
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Adult content
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Video On Demand
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Live video monitoring

Software benefits

Up to input 10'000 streams per server thanks to the ultra-fast encoder
Up to 30% faster video stream startup
time than leading competitors
Only a single video source is required
for re-distribution
High-security bandwidth efficiency
thanks to patented media protocol
Affordable solution

Live Demo & API

We've prepared a Live Demo Page where you can quickly test our streaming technology. Web Video Player API is also available with code snippets and detailed descriptions.

macbook with storm streaming javascript storm api list storm events list


orange server with shield icon
Storm Streaming Server
Architecture: x64-86Core count: 4 Core HT Enabled
16 gb
100MB free space
3-12 Mbitper client
Debian / RedHat, Windows, Mac Os X
video player software
Storm Streaming Player
Supported OS
Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS
Supported browsers
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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Storm Streaming Server?
It's a multi-threaded, high-performance streaming application enabling live streaming capabilities on any website or application. Storm Streaming Server ("Storm" for short) was designed with ultra-low latency in mind. It supports many video protocols, including RTMP, CMAF, HLS, and codecs such as H.264, H.265, VP9, AAC, OPUS
What is Storm Player?
Storm Player is a web video player and part of our Storm Streaming Server. It's based on HTML5/JavaScript and consists of two applications. The first is the library, which contains all the necessary logic for the player, the programmable interface/GUI. Developers can either integrate the library with their existing players or modify the provided interface to match their website's look and feel.
What operating systems is Storm compatible with?
Storm Streaming Server can run on any operating system that supports Java 9 (OpenJDK SE JRE 9.0.4), which includes Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X platforms in both x84_64 and ARM versions. We have even managed to run it on Raspberry Pi 4.
How does the installation process look like?
All server files are served in a zip container. A simple run-script is provided to start the server. Storm can be also configured as a service.
What browsers/devices are Storm and Storm Player compatible with?
Our Storm Player is compatible with all modern browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, and all their mobile knockoffs. Storm Player requires Media-Source Extensions in a browser for its ultra-low latency mode, but can fallback to Low-Latency HLS when necessary.
What protocols are supported by Storm software?
Storm Streaming Server can work as a client/server for RTMP. It can also mux input signal into popular formats like Apple HLS (including Low Latency HLS), MPEG-Dash, CMAF, and WebSockets.
Does Storm support WebRTC?
WebRTC support is already on the way with both P2P and One-to-Many distribution model. Please stay tuned!
What are the hardware requirements?
The minimal requirements include a quad-core processor, at least 4GB of RAM, and an Ethernet (1Gbps) network card. However, our software was designed to utilize the full potential of modern multi-core/multi-CPU machines and can output up to 6-7Gbps with ease.
Is it possible to load-balance across multiple software instances?
Our streaming server software has got inbuilt support for load balancing. If you decide to use our Storm Player, your viewers will be automatically redistributed across all Storm instances within a cluster. Additional methods, including custom approach, are also available.
Does Storm offer support for Origin/Edge architecture?
Yes, our application provides a fully working and out-of-the-box solution for origin-edge layout. Define which servers should be treated as origin, their streams will be automatically copied to all remaining edge servers within a cluster.
Can I combine Storm Streaming Server and Storm Streaming Marketplace?
Yes, you can arrange your subscription plan within the same cluster as your on-Premise licenses giving you additional backup or raw power when needed.
What payment options are available?
All major debit and credit cards from customers around the world are accepted, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery, JCB, and UnionPay. For clients wishing to pay with a bank transfer - please contact our staff first.
What's the main difference between your Live Streaming Server and Wowza Streaming Engine?
Storm Streaming Server offers unrivaled low-latency mode (below 1 sec) missing in Wowza, which is crucial in endeavors such as e-gaming, auctions or live adult sessions. It offers far greater performance thanks to its highly optimized network core. Storm is also much easier to integrate thanks to its ready-to-use Web Video Player.
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