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Live TV Channel

Establish your very own live TV channel with Storm Streaming Cloud. Our global CDN network ensures you connect with a worldwide audience, while our user-friendly control panel simplifies content management every step of the way.

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Deliver live coverage of sports events and captivate fans worldwide. From local football games to Olympic-level competitions, Storm Streaming Cloud equips you with the essential tools for a top-tier streaming service.

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Events & Entertainment

Transform your live events into accessible online experiences with Storm Streaming Cloud designed for the event industry. Our global CDN network ensures you reach a global audience, and our user-friendly control panel makes event streaming management a breeze.

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Create captivating and interactive presentations of your company's new products and services using Storm Streaming Cloud. Schedule and organize your broadcasts ahead of time and syndicate your content effortlessly to popular social platforms.

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Create your own Telemedicine service based on Storm Streaming Cloud. Transform how your healthcare institution functions with our cutting-edge, real-time streaming capabilities.

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Religion & Culture

Connect with your congregation or community members, no matter where they are currently located. The Storm Streaming Cloud service provides you with the ability to stream rituals, religious meetings, or cultural events, regardless of distance.

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e-Learning & Webinars

Jump into stress-free live webinar broadcasts with Storm Streaming Cloud. Start delivering top-notch audio and video lessons to a global learner base within moments, all with as little as 1-second latency.

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Auctions & Gambling

Broadcast your live auctions or gaming activities smoothly with Storm Streaming Cloud. Go on air in mere minutes, transmitting high-quality video and audio directly from the auction or gaming floor, instantly engaging global viewers—all with an impressive 1-second delay.

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Experience live drone broadcasting with Storm Streaming Cloud. In just a few minutes, you can start streaming high-quality audio and video feeds from your drone, instantly connecting with a global audience— all in real-time with minimal 1-second latency.

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Ultra low latency

Storm Streaming Cloud's unique delivery protocol ensures ultra low latency, with less than a 1-second delay between the source and the viewer. This system excels in unpredictable networks, such as those behind firewalls, and maintains stability even with fluctuating internet connections.

Top earth Bottom earth

Scalability & Low Latency

From hosting small online meetings up to events with tens of thousands of viewers across the globe, Storm Cloud is the first and the last solution you will ever need. Our data centers operate on 3 continents, and viewers will be automatically connected to the nearest node ensuring the best possible viewing experience.

Origin server
Node server
(USA West Coast)
Viewer Los Angeles
< 1 sec
Viewer San Francisco
< 1 sec
Viewer Seattle
< 1 sec
Node server
(USA East Coast)
Viewer New York
< 1 sec
Viewer Houston
< 1 sec
Viewer Miami
< 1 sec
Node server
Viewer Berlin
< 1 sec
Viewer London
< 1 sec
Viewer Paris
< 1 sec
Node server
Viewer Tokyo
< 1 sec
Viewer Singapur
< 1 sec
Viewer Beijing
< 1 sec
Only < 1 second delay on the end user's device
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Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR)

Storm Streaming Cloud offers advanced real-time transcoding and adaptive bitrate streaming capabilities. Your source material is automatically re-encoded into multiple variants with differing resolutions and bitrates, and our Storm Player intelligently selects the optimal version for each viewer.

Graph depicting the relationship between bitrate and resolution
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Dedicated Video Players

Storm Player is a dedicated HTML5 Video Player for our Cloud solution. It's fully customizable, so it'll perfectly match the look and feel of your website. It's also compatibile with nearly 100% Destkop and Mobile devices including iOS & Android-based web browsers.

Top features:

star icon Support for React.js & Angular
star icon Inbuild ABR (Adaptive Bitrate Streaming)
star icon Open-Source
Storm cloud control panel theming Storm player while waiting room Storm streaming player
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Control Panel

Create and manage all your streams from a single place.
Our Control Panel is both easy to use and a very powerful tool for managing hundreds of video streams with thousands of viewers. You don't need any programming knowledge to start your first stream with Storm Streaming.

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Cloud control panel
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Storm Streaming Cloud provides you with detailed analytics for all your streams in real time with an easy-to-use interface.
Check your data usage, viewer count, current traffic, and much more.

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Computer with devices statistics
Storm player about restream
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Multistream to all channels at once

With Storm Streaming Cloud you can easily simulcast to all major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or any compatibile RTMP output.

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Choose among available subscription plans. You won't be forced to upgrade your subscription once limits are used - simply buy extra traffic. You pay only for generated traffic. It's that simple.

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Check pricing details
The storm player for events on both laptop and smartphone
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Try For Free!

Try out Strom Cloud for free before making the final decision. No credit card is required. Our support team will assist you in your first steps free of charge and answer all technical questions.

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