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Unfailing, professionally managed by industry experts and easy to use cloud streaming solution
for ultra-low latency video streaming

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How it works?

Interested in expanding your business with live-streaming, but do not want to invest in server and network infrastructure? We've got you covered! Thanks to our service, you can easily broadcast a match of your local sports team, a music concert, or embed streaming capabilities within your website or application. Our global cloud service is fully redundant and always ready to use. We also provide you with our industry-leading ultra low latency technology that is a game-changer in interactivity with viewers.

Using our Live Streaming Cloud is ease. Our quick set-up will guide you along the way:

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Origin server
Node server
(USA West Coast)
Viewer Los Angeles
Viewer San Francisco
Viewer Seattle
Node server
(USA East Coast)
Viewer New York
Viewer Houston
Viewer Miami
Node server
Viewer Berlin
Viewer London
Viewer Paris
Node server
Viewer Tokyo
Viewer Singapur
Viewer Beijing
Only1 second delayon the end user's device

Cloud benefits

Up to input 10'000 streams per server thanks to ultra-fast encoder
Up to 30% faster video stream startup
time than leading competitors
Only a single video source is required
for re-distribution
High security bandwidth efficiency
thanks to patented media protocol
Affordable solution

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Storm Streaming Cloud?
It's a video-streaming service enabling live streaming capabilities on any website or application. It does not require a dedicated server architecture, and it can be configured in minutes compared to its On-Premise counterpart. Storm Streaming Cloud is optimized with ultra-low latency in mind. It supports many popular video protocols, including RTMP, CMAF, HLS, and a variety of codecs, like H.264, H.265, VP9, AAC, OPUS.
What Storm Player is?
It's a two-part application based on HTML5/JavaScript that serves as a video player for your website. It consists of a player-core library that can be easily integrated into existing players and a dedicated GUI that can be configured to match your website's look and feel.
How does the setup process look like?
First, you need to create an account on our website and choose Storm Streaming Cloud from our products menu. You'll be asked to pick up a subscription plan depending on your needs. Plans differ across the number of concurrent streams (how many streams you can output at the same time), concurrent viewers (number of people watching your streams at the same time), and bandwidth usage.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription plan?
Yes, you can do it anytime. If you downgrade your plan, it'll automatically switch to a lower subscription at the end of the settlement period. For upgraded plans, they will kick in immediately.
What if I run out of bandwidth?
Before that happens, we'll notify you several times as few, and fewer megabits remain in your limit.
What's the difference between Cloud and Marketplace?
Cloud service is based on a monthly subscription plan with a limited number of concurrent streams, concurrent viewers, and bandwidth. It is hosted on servers owned by Storm Media Company, guaranteeing the highest stream quality and stability. In Marketplace, anyone can rent a specific number of slots (viewers) for a defined time from our customers, paying as little as possible.
Is Storm Streaming Cloud and Storm Player compatible with all modern browsers?
Yes, Storm Player is compatible with all popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, including their mobile counterparts. Our player requires Media-Source Extensions enabled for its low-latency mode, but it can also fallback to HLS if needed.
What protocols does your service support?
Storm Streaming Cloud supports RTMP as input protocol. The signal is then muxed into popular formats like CMAF, Apple HLS (Low-Latency HLS), MPEG-Dash, and WebSockets.
What's the main difference between Storm Streaming Cloud and Wowza Streaming Cloud?
Compared to Wowza - Storm Streaming Server offers low-latency mode with end-to-end delay below 1 second, which is essential in live auctions, e-gaming, live-conferencing, or live adult sessions. Storm is also much easier to implement on any website, and it's cheaper. Check our prices here.
What payment options are available?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery, JCB and UnionPay credit/debit cards are accepted. In case you wish to pay with a traditional bank transfer, feel free to contact us prior.
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