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Powerful live video streaming
media software

Storm's video streaming suite is a reliable, redundant and fully scalable solution
for use in multiple scenarios and industries.

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About Storm

Storm Streaming is a suite of products and services designed for ultra-low latency video streaming than can be easily integrated within any existing website or application. Whenever you need to live-stream a football match of your local team for a couple of friends or a superstar concert for tens of thousands of viewers, we offer you the best technology on the market along with dedicated solutions.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from among:

Storm Streaming Server - downloadable software for your server.

Storm Streaming Cloud - a cloud version of our server hosted on dedicated infrastructure.

Storm Streaming Marketplace - allows to both sell and buy video streaming resources from other Storm customers all around the world.

orange camera with black antenna inside
Input device
orange server with shield icon
Video Players

Cross platform Video Players SDK’s

Storm Streaming Server comes with mobile SDK’s and JavaScript library for Web. We also provide you with free and open-source video player for each platform.

ANDROID android phone with storm streaming
IOS iphone with storm streaming
WEB macbook with storm streaming javascript
Discover Suite SDK’s
We have also prepared a detailed, step-by-step documentation for all integration scenarios. When required, our support team will assist you and advice in the development process.

Supported technologies

Your live streamorange stream devices orange laptop icon
  • RTMP
Storm Streaming Server
orange server with shield icon
Output devicesorange phone tablet and laptop orange laptop icon
  • HLS
  • WebSockets
  • RTMP

Features for

easy beginnings with cloud service
Smooth beginnings

All our products and services are available in
free editions. All you need to do is to set up an account on our website, which will take less than 3 minutes. No credit card is required.

orange scalable service
Fully scalable service

Upgrade your cloud plan, license count, or bandwidth in Storm Marketplace within minutes or even during live shows. With our products and services, you can expand your reach immediately.

orange dedicated streaming support live consultant
Dedicated support

Our staff will help your video streaming project and advice on all technical aspects and problems you may encounter.

reduced server costs
Reduce costs

Our solution combines the functionality of several expensive applications and services in a single package. It also allows you to sell computing power to others, thus generating profit thanks to Storm Marketplace.

orange custom features and functionality
Custom features

Whenever additional functionality is required, our development team will handle the job and assist you in every required step.

easy to use presented by bulb
Easy to use and implement

A ready-to-use single JavaScript file along with easy to install server software is all that you need. Our server application is available on Window, Mac OS, and Linux (including Docker).

customizable player presented by ruler and pencil
Dedicated video players for Web, Android & iOS

Create your own web video player using our JavaScript library or customize our ready-to-use player to speed up integration. Similarly, we are also offering you mobile SDKs for both Android and iOS, along with sample video players to use in your app.

orange rewind arrows
nDVR Functionality

All our libraries & players come with out-of-box support for nDVR functionality, allowing your viewers to stop & rewind the most interesting moments of your stream.

orange control panel
Fully scalable and redundant architecture

Join multiple instances of Storm Streaming Server into a single cluster to scale up your capabilities. It will also provide you with an extra layer of redundancy in case of hardware or network issues.

orange up and down arrows
ABR Functionality

Thanks to adaptive-bitrate functionality, stream quality will be adjusted to the viewer's network connection, eliminating lags and shuttering in unpredictable network environments or provide the best possible quality when possible.

Why Storm is better than other solutions?

low latency streaming software
True ultra-low latency for demanding applications like live-chat, remote learning etc.
ultra fast streaming
Up to 10x faster video live stream startup than leading services
white streaming servers reserve
Storm Marketplace reserve system
three white servers and two plus icons
Up to input 10'000 streams per single server, thanks to an ultra-fast encoder and super-efficient socket architecture
single video source
Only a single video source is required for redistribution
broken screen presents video and audio repair system
Built-in Real-time stream repair (desynchronized audio/video, resolution issues)
white lock icon presents streaming security
High security and bandwidth efficiency thank to patented video streaming media protocol
Three distinctive services to match your needs

Live Streaming Suite

Choose the one best suited to your needs
orange streaming server icon
Storm Streaming Server
  • Best for
  • Professional streaming services
  • Online TV
  • VOD
  • Companies with their server infrastructure
  • High-frequency transmissions, heavy traffic
  • Buy our software license and install it on all of your servers
  • Each server requires a separate license
  • You can enhance your resources with marketplace servers
  • Benefits
  • An affordable, reliable solution
  • Reliable backup in case of peak moments from our marketplace
Reduce costs by selling your free server resources to our Marketplace
More about Software
orange cloud with server
Storm Streaming Cloud
  • Best for
  • Local TV station
  • Big time vloggers/bloggers/influencers
  • Remote education
  • Sports leagues, e-gaming events
  • High-frequency broadcasts, medium to high traffic
  • Companies without their server infrastructure
  • You don’t need your server
  • Choose the plan that's right for you, and you are ready to go
  • Benefits
  • Unfailing managed by experts solution
  • Easy configuration with Storm Cloud GUI management panel
  • Near real-time visibility into a number of viewers and bandwidth consumption
orange cloud with arrows
Storm Streaming Marketplace
  • Best for
  • Bloggers & vloggers
  • Company blogs
  • Personal website
  • Small traffic, low frequency of broadcasts
  • Companies without their server infrastructure
  • Support your server infrastructure with additional power in case of emergency
  • Rent resources from other Storm Streaming Server users only when needed
  • Pay for what you use
  • Benefits
  • Pay for what you use
  • Cost control, prepaid plans
  • Elastic and scalable grows with you
  • Configure your streams in minutes
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