HLS support - Storm Streaming Server

Storm streaming server is fully compatible with latest Low Latency version of HLS (LL-HLS). This functionality is pre-configured and available right from the start. It's also possible to digest stream in a form of a mp4 file.

Codecs requirements

For the stream to work properly please make sure that your stream meets the following specification:

Video codecsH.265, H.264
Video profile equal or lower than High Profile, Level 5.2.
Format: Fragmented MP4 (MPEG is not supported)
Audio codecsAAC, AAC-LC, HE-AAC+ v1 & v2, (FLAC and Apple lossless are not supported)
Table 1. Audio & Video codecs requirements
Please keep in mind that not all end-devices support H.265 codec. For the best compatibility we advise using H.264 instead.

Attaching a stream to a custom player

In order to HLS to work, a valid path to a manifest (m3u8) file must be provided. The path to a manifest file on Storm streaming server looks as follow:


Where stream_name is a published name of your stream.

Realtime mp4 file

You can also digest a raw mp4 file made on fly from the stream using fmp4 format


Where stream_name is a published name of your stream.

Sample HLS players

  1. Akamai Player - https://players.akamai.com/players/hlsjs
  2. Bitmovin - https://bitmovin.com/demos/stream-test
  3. JW Player - https://developer-tools.jwplayer.com/stream-tester