Events - Storm Android Player

Player events are related to the player behaviors (not the video/stream itself).

Event nameParametersDescription
onPlayClicked()-Invoked when play button is pressed.
onPauseClicked()volume – new video volumeInvoked when pause button is pressed.
onEnterFullscreenClicked()-Invoked when FullScreen button (enter state) is pressed.
onExitFullscreenClicked()-Invoked when FullScreen button (exit state) is pressed.
onVideoClicked()-Invoked when player video screen is pressed.
onSeekBarChangedByUser(int progress)progress – current position on the timeline (value 0-10000)Invoked when timeline pointer is changed.
onSeekBarSetTime(long streamSeekUnixTime)streamSeekUnixTime – current position on the stream timelineInvoked when timeline pointer is reaches final position.
onFullScreenEnter()-Invoked when player enters fullscreen mode.
onFullScreenExit()-Invoked when player exits fullscreen mode.
onErrorScreenShow(String errorMessage)errorMessage – error messageInvoked when an error message appears.
onErrorScreenHide()-Invoked when an error message disappears.
onLoaderShow()-Invoked when a video loader appears.
onLoaderShow()-Invoked when a video loader disappears.
Table 1. Player events table
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