Library Events - Storm Android Library

Library events are related to the player behaviors (not the video/stream itself).

Event nameParametersDescription
onIncompatiblePlayerProtocol(int playerProtocolVersion, int serverProtocolVersion)playerProtocolVersion – protocol version supported by this StormLibrary
serverProtocolVersion – protocol version supported by Storm Streaming Server instance
Invoked when the existing version of the Storm Library is not compatible with the Storm server. It is then recommended to upgrade both to the latest version.
onVolumeChanged(float volume)volume – new video volumeInvoked in case of volume change.
onStormMediaItemAdded(StormMediaItem stormMediaItem)stormMediaItem – new StormMediaItem itemInvoked when new StormMediaItem was added to the playback list.
onStormMediaItemRemoved(StormMediaItem stormMediaItem)stormMediaItem – removed StormMediaItem itemInvoked when StormMediaItem item was removed from the playback list.
onStormMediaItemSelect(StormMediaItem stormMediaItem)stormMediaItem – selected StormMediaItem itemInvoked when StormMediaItem was selected for playback.
onStormMediaItemPlay(StormMediaItem stormMediaItem)stormMediaItem – StormMediaItem item initiated for playbackInvoked when the selected StormMediaItem is started for playback.
onGatewayConnecting()-Invoked on the Gateway server request start.
onGatewayConnectionError(Exception e)e – Exception related to connection errorInvoked on the Gateway server request error.
onGatewayGroupNameNotFound()-Invoked whenever a stream group is not found on the Gateway server.
onGatewayStormMediaItems(List<StormMediaItem> stormMediaItems)stormMediaItems – List of stormMediaItems acquired from the Gateway server.Invoked whenever the Gateway server successfully retrieves a stream group.
Table 1. Library events table
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