Functions and methods - Storm Android Player

MethodReturnsReturn typeDescription
getStormLibrary()Assigned Storm Library objectStormLibraryReturns assigned StormLibrary object that was attached to the interface.
getExoPlayerView()ExoPlayer ViewPlayerViewReturns an object of PlayerView class.
setStormLibrary(StormLibrary stormLibrary)-voidAssigns a StormLibrary object to the interface.
isFullscreen()true if in fullscreen mode, otherwise falsebooleanReturns true/false whenever player is or not in a fullscreen mode.
enterFullScreen()-voidForces player to activate the fullscreen mode.
exitFullScreen()-voidForces player to exit the fullscreen mode.
addEventListener(StormLibrary.EventListener e)-voidRegisters a new event listener with the player object
removeEventListener(StormLibrary.EventListener e)-voidRemoves an event listener from the player object
Table 1. Methods table