Events - Storm JavaScript Library

Library events are related to the player behaviors (not the video/stream itself).

Event nameAdditional dataDescriptionCan be fired more than once?
playerReadynoThis event is triggered when the player is ready to receive API calls. No method should be called upon the player before this event is
newStreamSourceAddednoThis event is triggered whenever a new video source is added to the player.yes
interactionRequirednoSome browsers and devices do not allow for a player (media) to start on its own and require direct user interaction (e.g. a mouse click). This event indicates that such a “push” is neededno
compatibilityErrornoIf a browser or device does not support the provided sources, this event will be triggered. Please keep in mind that the player will do whatever it can (switch between multiple modes) to provide the best compatibility with a given device. Still, at some point, it might simply be impossible to start a videoyes
playerDisconnectednoThe event is triggered when the player is disconnected from the storm server (it might happen because of viewer connection or other network issues)no
playerConnectionFailednoThis event is triggered when the player could not connect to the storm server (server is not running, or there are some network issues). If there are more servers on the config list, the player will try to connect to a different server insteadyes
onAllServersFailednoThis event is related to "playerConnectionFailed". If the player fails to connect to all provided servers on a config list, this event means that nothing more can be doneno
noSLLErrornoIf SSL layer is required for specific sources and the browser does not provide it – this error will be
videoObjectCreationnoThis event is triggered whenever a video object within the library is re-created.yes
Table 1. Library events table
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