Video Events - Storm iOS Library

Video events are related to the video behaviors (not the player itself).

Event nameParametersDescription
onVideoConnecting()-Invoked when the library initializes a connection with a Storm Streaming Server instance.
onVideoMetaData(videoMetaData: VideoMetaData)videoMetaData – metadata from a videoInvoked when the library receives video metadata from the stream.
onVideoProgress(videoTimeData: TimeDataPacket.TimeData))videoTimeData – data related to stream timeInvoked cyclically during video playback and updating time data related to stream duration, cached (nDVR) size and current viewer's position.
onVideoConnectionError(error:Error)error – an exception that caused the errorInvoked when Storm iOS Library encounters an error.
onVideoNotFound()-Invoked when no stream with a given name was found on a Storm Streaming Server instance.
onVideoPlay()-Invoked when the stream starts the playback.
onVideoPause()-Invoked when the stream playback is paused.
onVideoStop()-This event will be called when the stream is closed on a server side (usually it means that the broadcaster has stopped streaming)
onVideoSeek(streamSeekUnixTime: Int64)streamSeekUnixTime – current position on the timeline of the streamInvoked when the current timeline position is changed (e.g. user seeks for a different moment of the stream)
Table 1. Library video events table
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