Storm Android Player installation

StormPlayer is a complete video player based on Android StormLibrary. You can modify it according to your needs. The player can be added in two ways:

Installation with Gradle tool (recommended)

  1. Create/open your application in Android Studio
  2. In the file app build.gradle add the following dependency:
    allprojects {
        repositories {
            maven { url '' }
  3. In the file app build.gradle add the following dependencies. For version v1.0.0, the line will look like this:
    implementation 'com.github.StormStreaming:stormlibrary-android:vx.y.z'
    implementation 'com.github.StormStreaming:stormplayer-android:vx.y.z'
    Don't forget to replace x.y.z form the sample with valid major, minor, patch version for both the library and the player. The current versions can be found at:
  4. In the file app build.gradle configure compileOptions, that the application uses Java 8. Also set multiDexEnabled to true
    android {
        defaultConfig {
            minSdkVersion 21
            multiDexEnabled true
        compileOptions {
            sourceCompatibility = '1.8'
            targetCompatibility = '1.8'
  5. In set both android.useAndroidX and android.enableJetifier to true
    # Project-wide Gradle settings.
  6. Synchronize Gradle

Installation though github project download

Please remember to install Android StormLibrary first.

Installation guide - step by step