Getting started - Storm JavaScript

Storm Streaming for JavaScript is a complete package for Web Developers to integrate live streaming technology into their websites. Our software is split into two related project:

1. Storm JavaScript Library - a core video player without user interface. It's responsible for connecting with Storm Streaming Server and acquiring all stream data. Thanks to wide amount of events and beefy API it's very easy to manage.

2. Storm JavaScript Player - a fully customizable GUI project for StormLibrary. It can act as ready-to use Web Video Player or work as a template for creating your own, customizable player.

3. Storm JavaScript Player - React - a dedicated component (video player) for ReactJS.

Storm Player JavaScript preview

Live Demo & API

Storm Streaming Player & Library Demo Page


StormLibrary is compatible with all modern browser supporting Media Source Extensions (MSE). For browsers with no MSE support like iPhone iOS, a LL-HLS is used instead.

DesktopWindowsChrome 31+, Edge 12+, Opera 15+, Firefox 42+
MacOSChrome 31+, Edge 12+, Opera 15+, Firefox 42+, Safari 8+
LinuxChrome 31+, Opera 15+, Firefox (all Gecko-based) 42+
MobileiOSChrome 13+, Opera 15+, Firefox 42+, Safari 13+
AndroidChrome 90+, Opera 62+, Firefox 87+
Table 1. Browser compatibility table