Video Settings – Larix Broadcaster - Storm Streaming Server

Selecting the appropriate encoder settings for your stream can be quite challenging. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of determining the optimal encoder parameters to achieve excellent quality and seamless streaming with Larix Broadcaster.

Video Tutorial

Theory - Preparation

Video encoding and transmission involve significant resource utilization. As a first step, it's advisable to check your internet connection's "upload" speed, which refers to the rate at which data can be sent to the internet server. Numerous tools, such as, are available to conduct this assessment.

After conducting the test, you will receive details regarding the download speed (which is less relevant in this context), the upload speed (which is of utmost importance), and the latency in data transmission between your computer and the server.

Here is a table illustrating the recommended upload speeds for various resolutions:

Additionally, here are a few tips from us:

  • Whenever possible, use a Wi-Fi connection (you can plug an Ethernet cable via a special USB-C/lightning dongle).
  • Mobile LTE-based internet connections usually perform poorly for streaming.
  • Check for packet loss to the streaming server. The packet loss value should not exceed 0.01%.
  • To avoid thermal issues, make sure that your device is cooled properly.

Practice - Larix Broadcaster Configuration