Requirements - Storm Streaming Server

Storm Streaming Server can operate on any modern computer or server equipped with a Java VM, covering both ARM and X86_64 architectures. A wide variety of operating systems are also compatible. Below are the technical requirements for the server.

Minimal hardware requirements (250 connections / 720p)

CPU8-core, 1.8+ Ghz (x86_64 / arm64)
Memory8 GiB
Network Interface1 Gbps NIC
Storage Space50 MiB
Table 1. Minimal requirements table

Recommended software

Java VMOracle Java SE 17
OpenJDK 17
Operating systemWindows 10+
Windows Server 2019+
Linux Debian 10+
Linux Red Hat 8+
Linux OpenSUSE 15+
Mac OS X 11+
SSL passthroughNginx 1.18+
Table 3. Recommended software table

Optional software

EncoderFFMPEG 4.1.10
Table 4. Optional software table