Stream Recording - Storm Streaming Server

The Storm streaming server allows for the recording of incoming streams in MP4 (fMP4) format. Recording can be configured automatically for each published stream, but it can also be enabled from the control panel.

Automatic recording

Automatic recording is possible for live and origin type applications. In both cases, it is necessary to activate the option in the preferences.xml file and configure it appropriately:

<RecordingSettings enabled="true">

It is important to ensure that the Storm streaming server application has write permissions to the path specified in the <SavePath> parameter. The recording itself can be segmented based on the file size <MaxFileSize> (value in MB) or the duration of the stream <MaxFileDuration> (value in seconds). Defining the <MaxStorageSize> option will prevent recordings beyond the specified level, unless the <RemoveOldFiles> option is activated, which allows for the deletion of the oldest files.

A detailed description of the parameters is available in the application configurations: Live Application and Origin Application

Manual recording

In cases where the automatic recording option is not enabled, it is possible to manually start recording a stream. To do this, we need to log into the control panel of the Storm Streaming Server - this is available at http://.../cpanel (you must select a host with HTTP support and optionally specify a port). After logging in, go to /stream-list and select the stream you are interested in. Then from the list of options, click "Start recording". The recording settings will be based on the parameters described in <RecordingSettings>, even if the option itself is not enabled.