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Video events are related to the video behaviors (not the player itself).

Event nameParametersDescription
onVideoProgress(VideoProgress videoProgress)videoProgress – object containing both current stream and source time dataInvoked in regular intervals, provides data on current stream time. Details on VideoProgress object were described here.
onVideoConnecting()-Invoked when the library initializes a connection with a Storm Streaming Server instance.
onVideoMetaData(VideoMetaData videoMetaData)videoMetaData – metadata from a videoInvoked when the library receives video metadata from the stream.
onVideoConnectionError(Exception exception)Exception – an exception that caused the errorInvoked when Storm Android Library encounters an error.
onVideoNotFound()-Invoked when no stream with a given name was found on a Storm Streaming Server instance.
onVideoPlay()-Invoked when the stream starts the playback.
onVideoPause()-Invoked when the stream playback is paused.
onVideoStop()-This event will be called when the stream is closed on a server side (usually it means that the broadcaster has stopped streaming)
onVideoSeek(long streamSeekUnixTime)streamSeekUnixTime – current position on the timeline of the streamInvoked when the current timeline position is changed (e.g. user seeks for a different moment of the stream)
Table 1. Library video events table

VideoProgress object

Parameters nameDescription
streamDurationInforms on current viewer's stream duration (in seconds). This parameter is calculated as a difference between the moment viewer initiated stream and current stream position (playback).
sourceDurationInforms on source stream duration (in seconds). This parameter is calculated as a difference between the moment the stream was published and current (live) position.
sourceStartTimeExact time (timestamp) when source stream was started (published to the server).
streamStartTimeExact time (timestamp) when current viewer's stream was started.
dvrCacheSizeNumber of milliseconds of the source stream that is cached (and can be viewed via seek feature).
Table 2. VideoProgress parameters table
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