Changelog - Storm Streaming Server

Below you will find a list of the latest software updates with a detailed changelog.

VersionDescriptionPublish DateDownload
  • Minor improvements to transcoding task management.
  • Minor improvements to RTMP Client.
  • Minor improvements to MSE Client.
  • RTMP protocol support has been rewritten from scratch. You can now push and pull streams. It's also possible to restream an existing stream to another RTMP-compatible server. Authentication support has been added, along with Enhanced-RTMP capabilities (H.265 & VP1 codecs).
  • Entirely new client-server protocol for Storm Library & Player. Thanks to "states," each player instance will be notified whenever a stream has started, been published, or ended.
  • Storm now supports transcoding through FFMPEG (must be installed separately). Transcoding options can be further tuned via the preferences.xml file.
  • Sockets can now be opened on multiple hosts & ports for specified protocols. RTMPS support has been added along with a new SSL engine.
  • Socket restart functionality has been introduced (if a socket is already taken, the server will try to claim it at a specified interval).
  • New application types have been introduced, including:
    1. live - standard, single application group of streams,
    2. origin - allows for pushing streams, but not for viewing. Designed for redistributing streams to other Storm instances,
    3. edge - does not allow for pushing streams, but pools streams from specified origin applications.
  • New authorization types for applications were added:
    1. free - no authorization required for a specific application,
    2. managed - a video stream with credentials (username & password or token) must be created first via API or Control Panel,
    3. list - utilizes XML lists with credentials.
  • Stream recording received additional options:
    • maximum storage for a specific folder can be specified,
    • whether to remove old files if a specified folder reaches its limit.
  • Support for classic HLS/HLS-LS/MPEG-DASH has been introduced (works with 3rd party players).
  • The threading component has been rewritten from scratch. The server is more efficient and uses 30% less RAM compared to version 1.x.
  • A simple Control/Dev Panel has been introduced. The panel allows for basic server management, including killing or registering streams & connections.
  • The RESTful API has been rewritten.
  • The logger has been updated to Log4j2. Coloring is now supported and enabled by default.
Table 1. Storm Streaming Server Changelog
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