Playback Events - Storm JavaScript Library

Events are related to the video/playback behavior.

Event nameAdditional dataDescriptionCan be fired more than once?
playbackInitiatenoThis event is fired whenever a playback of a stream is initiated (e.g. either due to autoStart set to "true" or user interaction).yes (once per video)
playbackStartnoThis event notifies that video playback has started (video is now playing).yes
playbackPausenoThis event notifies that video playback has been paused (due to end-user or system interaction).yes
playbackProgressplaybackStarTime: number, playbackDuration: number, streamStartTime: number, streamDuration: number, dvrCacheSize: numberEvent informs on video progress, stream/playback start-time, stream/playback duration and nDVR cache size.yes
streamStateChangestate: "AWAITING" / "NOT_PUBLISHED" / "UNPUBLISHED" / "PUBLISHED" / "CLOSED" / "UNKNOWN"This event notifies that stream state has changed.yes
streamEndnoEvent will be called when the stream is closed on the server side (usually it means that the broadcaster has stopped streaming, or stream was unpublished).yes
streamNotFoundnoThis event is called whenever a stream with a specific name was not found on the server (this includes hibernated streams or sub-streams).yes (once per video)
metadataReceivedStormMetaDataItemThis event informs of metadata arrival for current video. MetaData contains information about stream codecs, width, height, bitrate etc.yes
bufferingStartnoThis event indicates a video content is being readied for playback. The video buffer must fill in order for the video to start.yes
bufferingCompletenoThis event indicates that the buffer is full and playback is ready to start.yes
volumeChangevolume: number, muted: boolean, invokedBy: user | browserThis event notifies that video volume was changed (either its value was changed, or video was muted/unmuted).yes
playbackErrornoEvent indicates that there was a problem with the playback (it usually means that the browser was not able to play a source material due to malformed bitcode).yes (once per video)
fullScreenEnternoThis event is fired whenever a library instance enters browser fullscreen mode (either native or overlay type).yes
fullScreenExitnoThis event is fired whenever a library instance exits fullscreen mode (either native or overlay type).yes
Table 1. Library playback events table
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