Transcoding & Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR) Functionality - Storm Streaming Server

While StormStreaming Server is not equipped with a dedicated/inbuilt transcoder, it was designed to utilize open-source FFMPEG software for this task. To setup video transcoding two things must be configured:

Transcoding templates

Firstly, a transcoding template must be defined. Each template contains a number of parameters that define things like resolution, bitrate. It’s also possible to tune FFMPEG to work with different codecs.

To learn more how to setup templates please check our Transcoder Configuration guide.

Applying transcoding templates to application

Once at least one template is created, it needs to be applied to an application. Please keep in mind that only “live” and “origin”-type applications support transcoding. In order to attach a template, it must be added to TranscoderSettings in application’s config.

To learn more how to about application configuration, please check our Live Application Configuration guide.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR)

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming allows to automatically switch between different versions of a stream to match viewer’s network capacity. StormStreaming server automatically links between multiple versions of the same steam and provide them to the player.

Recommended resolutions and bitrates for ABR:

#Video widthVideo heightBitrate kbpsTarget device
16403601000-2000Low-end mobile devices
212807202500-4000Average mobile devices
3192010804000-8000Desktop, tablets
43840216044000-56000High-end desktop
Table 1. Recommended resolutions and bitrates for ABR table
Please keep in mind that stream transcoding should be done only for lower-than-source resolutions. Re-encoding 1080p material into 4k does not increase video quality.