Gateway configuration - Storm Library

The gateway approach does not require embedding stream data within the config object. The same goes for the server list. The gateway enables load-balancing functionality. Before using this option, a gateway server must be configured in the storm server settings first.

stream: {
    gatewayList: [
        { host: "", application:"live", port: 443, ssl: true},
        { host: "", application:"live", port: 443, ssl: true}
    streamName: "test"

gatewayList parameter

Parameter nameParameter typeRequiredDefaultDescription
hoststringyes-A hostname of a storm gateway
applicationstringyes-A name of an application within the storm server. Applications are separate blocks of stream groups. A stream name must be unique within such a group, but you can create multiple groups
portnumberno80 for non-ssl and 443 for sslTo avoid issues with network firewalls, please use 80 for non-ssl connections and 443 for ssl connections
sslbooleanyes-Whenever SSL connection should be used or not
Table 1. gatewayList