Server installation - Storm Server

Storm Streaming Server comes in compressed zip/tar file. Please unzip the container into a desired location (we suggest something withing /home or /srv directories). The package contains:

StormStreamingServer.jarMain server file (jar library)
config/log4j.xmlXML containing log4j configuration
config/preferences.xmlXML containing server configuration
log/log.logInitial log file (empty)
license/storm-license.keyLicense key (it’ll be updated by the server itself)
license/storm-pubic.keyPublic license key
scripts/start.shStart script
scripts/stop.shStop script
Table 1. Storm package table

Starting server

  1. On Linux-based and Mac-OS X operating system

    In order to start the server you can edit scripts/ script. It’s very short and simple:

    pkill -9 -f "StormStreamingServer.jar"
    echo Shutting down old instances ... 3
    sleep 1
    echo Shutting down old instances ... 2
    sleep 1
    echo Shutting down old instances ... 1
    sleep 1
    pkill -9 -f "StormStreamingServer.jar"
    echo Shutting down old instances ... 0
    sleep 1
    echo Staring new Java App
    java -server -Xmx128g -Xms32g -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=100 -jar "/home/storm/StormStreamingServer.jar" -configRootDIR /home/storm &

    The script will automatically kill all instances of Storm sever and start a new one. We’ll have to edit some parameters before we can properly launch the server.

    -Xmx128gJVM parameter controlling maximum amount of RAM memory can be allocated to JVM. The amount shouldn’t exceed ¾ of total amount of Ram on your system. You can replace memory value with any number according to this pattern: -XmxYZ, where Y is the number of Z (g – gigabytes, m -megabytes)
    -Xms32gJVM parameter controlling minimal amount of RAM memory allocated to the JVM. This number shouldn’t be lower than ¼ of -Xmx parameter
    -jar “<PATH_TO_JAR_FILE>”This is a direct path to the jar file
    -configRootDIR <PATH_TO_MAIN_FOLDER>This parameter points to the main folder of the server (containing license and config folders)
    &This option will keep server running in the background
    Table 1. Parameters table
  2. On Windows-based operating system

    Scripting is almost identical to the Linux based, but instead of Bash we have to CMD. Application will run as long as the CMD Window is opened

    java -Xmx128g -Xms32g -jar C:\Program Files\Storm\StormStreamingServer.jar -configRootDIR C:\Program Files\Storm

Log file location

The last thing that needs to be done is defining log files directory. In order to do it, please edit log4j.xml file and search for appender name="file" tag.

One of the parameters will show the directory for the logs.

<param name="file" value="H:/StormServer/log/log.log" />