Applications - Storm Streaming Server

Applications are separate groups of streams that differ in functionality. A single stream must have an unique name within such a group. Storm Streaming server allows you to create multiple applications by modifying its config/preferences.xml file.

Configuration example

Storm Streaming server allows for multiple applications to be created. All of them must be stored within Applications tag.

<Application name="live">
    <SecureStream enabled="true">
    <DVR enabled="true">
Info there are several names that cannot be registered as an application, these names are: rest-api, gateway, info

Applications configuration

Parameter nameSuggested valueDescription
Application:nameBetween 3-16 charactersA name for an application. All names must be unique.
SecureStream-Settings related to SecureStream functionality uniqe to this application. Please check Secure stream section to learn more about it.
DVR enabledfalseWhenever DVR option is enabled on this application. DVR functionality allows server to keep some part of a live stream in the memory, thus allowing to view that content by the viewers.
CacheSize0Size of the DVR Cache in MB. The general time that can be memorized by the server depends on the average bitrate of the input stream and may vary.
KeepEmptyStreamsAlivetrueDecides whenever streams with no viewers should be kept alive.
VariableFPStrueAdjusts packetizers for Variable FPS Source and keeps Audio & Video tracks in synchronization.
KeyFrameCompensationfalseInjects old KeyFrames into streams for better HLS support
Table 1. Applications parameters table