Live event support service

In addition to our classic offer of video streaming products and services, our company also offers support in the organization of events using live-streaming technologies. Regardless of whether the event is intended to serve a small number of viewers, such as a match of a local basketball team, or even hundreds of thousands in the case of a live music concert - we are here for you, and we offer both our knowledge and experience.

We have over ten years of experience in running live-streaming broadcasts on the Internet. We can advise you on technical issues, such as selecting appropriate equipment, configuration, streaming/encoding software, and choosing a proper server or cloud architecture capable of handling the assumed load targets. Our employees can take care of your event, providing support in critical moments.

How exactly does the service work?

Depending on the nature and scale of your event, we will put together a dedicated team of specialists who will deal with specific aspects of your live event. We can assist you and your team both at the preparation stage and during the event itself. A dedicated Slack channel will be prepared for each event. We are also available on Skype and

Contact us today and arrange a free first consultation. We will be happy to hear about your current event and further plans, and then we will consider together in which areas we can help both you and your business.

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