Video streaming consulting service

If your goal is to create a revolutionary new web, mobile, or desktop application like Tiktok, Periscope, or Instagram, which would be based on streaming solutions, you are in the right place. Our experts and programmers have extensive experience not only in designing this type of application but also in building a suitable network architecture capable of supporting users anywhere in the world.

We will not only help you choose the right technologies for the broadcast (including protocols and codecs), but also show you how to optimize the entire process, starting from the design of your video player, a configuration of quality settings, server machine tuning, and CDN global management.

How exactly does the service work?

Depending on your project requirements, we will put together a dedicated team of people who will take care of your application's individual needs. We can assist you and your team both in the design phase and the proper implementation of the code. A dedicated Slack channel will be prepared for each project. We are also available on Skype and

Dedicated functionality of the Storm software

In addition to classic consulting services, we can also offer you dedicated modifications to our Storm software - starting from implementing new protocols and codecs to proprietary stream authorization systems or management. The option is available for both On-Premise and Cloud suites.

Contact us today and arrange a free first consultation. We are happy to listen to your ideas, and together we will consider in which areas we can help both you and your business.

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