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Buy cheap video streaming resources from other Storm Customers

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How it works?

Looking to broadcast your live content, but would also like to remain independent from platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch? You're in the right place! Our marketplace service is a revolutionary approach to streaming where individual units can share their server and network capabilities allowing you to stream your videos for less. It's super easy to set up with just a few clicks and provide access to our industry-leading low-latency technology that redefines interactivity with viewers.

Using Storm Streaming Marketplace is very easy. Our quick set up guide you along the way.

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How much does it cost?

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Asia$18Europe$18South America$18North America$18Africa$18Australia$18
Cost simulation
1 000
10 000
+10 000
The price you set represents the max cost for traffic you are willing to pay.


Origin server
Node server
(USA West Coast)
Viewer Los Angeles
Viewer San Francisco
Viewer Seattle
Node server
(USA East Coast)
Viewer New York
Viewer Houston
Viewer Miami
Node server
Viewer Berlin
Viewer London
Viewer Paris
Node server
Viewer Tokyo
Viewer Singapur
Viewer Beijing
Only1 second delayon the end user's device

For who?

Our solution is elastic and scalable – we are a perfect fit for:

white pencil with notes bloggers
white gaming pad
white influencers icon
white fitness coaches icon
Fitness coaches
live video conferences icon
Live video conferences
white live consultations icon
Live consultation services
white small companies presented by two businessmen
Small companies
white personal websites icon
Personal websites
Adult content presented by mask
Adult content
white live events planet icon
Live events

Marketplace benefits

Up to input 10'000 streams per server thanks to ultra-fast encoder
Up to 30% faster video stream startup
time than leading competitors
Only a single video source is required for re-distribution
High security bandwidth efficiency
thanks to patented media protocol
Affordable solution

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Storm Marketplace work?
Storm Marketplace is a revolutionary service that allows to buy unused streaming capacity from our existing clients thus offering lowest possible price this kind of services.
What's the difference between Storm Marketplace and Cloud?
Our cloud service is based on a monthly subscription, while in the Marketplace, you only pay for the used transfer. This is a great option to host unregular events or as a reserve if your infrastructure fails.
Are servers attached to Marketplace verified in any way?
Yes, all servers are continually being tested for both accessibility, stability, and latency. If any of these parameters does not meet our standards, such a server is suspended until all issues are fixed.
How much does it cost?
The final costs depend on a specific region (if that’s important), time, and overall demand. Rates can be checked here.
Is there any difference in Marketplace service functionality compared to Cloud or Server version?
The whole functionality is literally the same.
What payment options are available?
Feel free to pay with any debit/credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery, JCB or UnionPay. If you wish to pay with a bank transfer, you must contact us first.
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