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Player events are related to player behaviors (not the video/stream itself).

Event nameAdditional dataDescriptionCan be fired more than once?
videoPlaynoThe event is fired whenever the playback startsyes
videoPausenoThe event is fired when the playback is paused (though a user interaction)yes
videoLoadingnoThis event tells us that content is being prepared for playback. It’s not playing yet, but it will start very soonyes (once per video)
videoMetadatayesThis event contains all data related to video (like resolutions, codecs)yes (once per video)
volumeChangenewVolumeWhenever volume is changed this event will fire upyes
videoStopnoThis event will be called when stream is closed on a server side (usually it means that broadcaster stopped streaming)yes (once per video)
videoErroryesThis event indicates that there was a problem with playing the video (usually related to a browser not being able to play it)yes (once per video)
videoNotFoundnoThis event is called whenever a stream with given name was not foundyes (once per video)
Table 1. Video events table
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