Storm Streaming Server release 1.2

By Szymon PolokOctober 31, 2021
notebook with storm streaming logo

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This is our second big update for StormStreaming Server. This release includes all bug fixes from previous releases as well as a new video recording feature.

Full list of new features

  • A stream recoding functionality has been added to the server (can be configured by preferences.xml file),
  • New optional VariableFPS parameter in application settings allows deciding whenever Strom should adjust for Variable Frame Rate source or not (you might want to turn it off for NVENC codec),
  • New optional KeyFrameCompensation parameter in application settings forces the packetizer to add missing keyframes (you might want to turn it on for WebRTC re-encoded streams),

Full list of bug fixes

  • Small LL-HLS/HLS improvements for iOS 15 and Safari,
  • Docker config bug has been fixed,
  • Minor improvements to WebSocket protocol,
  • Minor bug fixes to External RTMP Module (Wowza WebRTC Compatibility)
  • A minor bug in connection timeout was fixed,

Tags: HLS, iOS15, LL-HLS, NVENC, Recording, VariableFPS, WebRTC