Storm Streaming Server release 0.6

By Patrycja DziedzicOctober 10, 2020
notebook with storm streaming logo

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From now on, Storm Server finally have its own RTMP server (previously, it could only operate in client mode), so there is no need to use 3rd party servers for stream ingestion. We have managed to fix some irritating bugs related to audio and video desynchronization.

Full list of new features

  • fully working RTMP server/client architecture
  • you can define whenever streams are able to overwrite each other or not
  • RTMP authorization based on username/password (can be configured in XML)

Full list of bug fixes

  • bugs related to audio/video desynchronization were resolved
  • issues related to OBS compatibility (RTMP client) were resolved

Tags: obs, openbroadcaster, rtmp