Storm Streaming Server release 0.5

By Szymon PolokAugust 17, 2020
notebook with storm streaming logo

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With this release, Storm receives its own scaling system. The idea is behind this feature is quite simple, actually. Multiple instances of Storm Server can be grouped into a cluster. Some instances can be marked as “origin server”, while the rest work as “edge servers.”. If there is no stream with a given name on an edge server, it’ll ask origin servers for it and copy it on fly.

Full list of new features

  • scaling functionality (configurable via preferences.xml)
  • server type setting (origin or edge)
  • improvements in dynamic fps mode
  • much faster video startup (key-frames are being cached for a longer time)
  • streams can now be recorded to mp4 file

Full list of bug fixes

  • new events for Storm Player (when user interaction is required)

Tags: cluster, edge server, origin server