Storm Streaming Server release 0.4

By Patrycja DziedzicJune 14, 2020
notebook with storm streaming logo

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With this update, we introduce Apple HLS for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. There is a slightly higher delay compared to MSE, but in general, it should get past 2 seconds. We’re also introducing Storm Player – a dedicated JavaScript library for our player. All you need to do is to wrap it around some GUI. For more info, please check the changelog.

Full list of features

  • Java NIO WebSocket SSL for MSE delivery (not as efficient as Nginx proxy, but works fine)
  • Adobe HLS/MPEG Dash compatible packetizer for iOS devices
  • Custom HTTP Server (will be expanded in future releases)
  • Dedicated JavaScript Player library (supports MSE and HLS mode)

Full list of bug fixes

  • fMPEG4 packetizer now fully compatible with Chrome (Blink-based) browsers
  • minor fixes related to memory leaking
  • new dynamic fps mode for variable framerate content (e.g. WebRTC based)

Tags: apple hls, storm player